Private Tryfonas Tryfonos from Lagoudera was murdered on December 17th 1983 by Turkish soldiers while performing his guard duties at the National Guard post of Agios Kassianos in Nicosia. His father was Menelaos and his mother Kyriakou. His parents have two more children, Anthoula and Stelios.

He came from a family of fighters. His mother is the daughter of Father Charalampos Kyriakou from Saranti, who was known for his contribution to EOKA. Father Charalampos maintained a hideout in his house and a lot of guerillas found shelter there. In January 1957, after being betrayed, a guerilla team was arrested in this house. The house, which was meant to be given to Kyriakou, Tryfona’s mother, was blown up by the British. The Father was sent to prison and Tryfonas’ mother, who was still single at the time, suffered a lot, while her ordeal continued and became even worse with the death of her son Tryfonas.

His contribution to the nation has been great.

Source: Text provided by the Community Council