The modest Fighter

Feidias Symeonides was born in Lagoudera on December 29th 1931. His parents were Michalis and Eleni. He led the establishment of the THOI Arakas Lagoudera- Saranti.

Symeonides was distinguished for his honesty, modesty, unselfishness, hard-work and focus on the ideals of religion and the nation.

He joined EOKA and from a very early stage he was distinguished for his consistency and fighting spirit. He was arrested and escaped from the Kokkinotrimithia jail on September 13th 1956, while soon after he joined the team of Afxentiou. 

He participated in the epic battle of Machairas on March 3, 1957. After exiting the hideout he was arrested and brutally tortured. He was imprisoned until the end of the fight and later on he got involved in the village’s common affairs. He died alone and helpless on May 1st 1975.

Source: Text provided by the Community Council