Driving uphill towards the community of Lagoudera, we leave behind us the Water Dam of Xyliatos and we drive through the Adelfi Forest. The green forest and the gorgeous landscape accompany every visitor until one enters the Community where the distinctive hazelnut trees of the area are planted.

Next, on our right, we encounter the Community Cultural Centre where all the events take place, while on the left is the playground. Then, while walking along the picturesque alleys of the community we are led to the Community Council of Lagoudera and the Community Infirmary. Afterwards, walking uphill we encounter the Observation Point where every visitor can rest comfortably on the benches and enjoy the breathtaking view spreading before their eyes.

Immediately after the roundabout of the Community, on our right, we encounter the Unknown Soldier Monument where one can find the busts of the Community’s heroes Feidias Simeonides, who fought in the liberating fight of 1955-1959, and Tryfona Tryfonos, who was murdered by the Turks on December 17th 1983 while he was on duty at a National Guard post in the area of Agios Kassianos in Nicosia. 

Finishing our tour around the community of Lagoudera and heading towards the Community of Saranti, we meet the Monastery of “Panagia tou Araka”, which is visited by many pilgrims on a daily basis.


Source: Community Council